A proposed subdivision development that will have significant impact on Rock Bridge Memorial State Park, and particularly the Gans Creek Wild Area portion, is once again an active matter.

Today's Columbia Missourian newspaper has an article on page 3A that begins, "Crockett Engineering is back for Round Two in the Canton Estates chronicles."

The issue, in the form of a request for authorization to resubmit a revised plan before the one-year requirement between submissions if a plan is not substantially different, may be before the Columbia City Council at the October 4 meeting.

Representatives of interested/stakeholder parties such as the Friends of Rockbridge and Gans Creek Allies have stated they have not been contacted about any changes in a resubmitted plan.

Edge Wade
Columbia, MO
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Subject: no sighting- Rock Bridge SP & Gans Creek Wild area/ Canton Estates development

For those interested in the impact the proposed Canton Estates development would have on Rock Bridge SP and the Gans Creek Wild Area, the Columbia City Council meeting is on Monday, May 17th.  It is encouraged comments to the city council be submitted by Thursday.

Here is some more info:

Rock Bridge SP is home to Gans Creek Wild area, only one of 12 designated Wild Areas in the state.  The Canton Estates development is on the north boundary of the Gans Creek Wild Area, which is in the northern portion of Rock Bridge Memorial State Park. This area attracts  visitors from outside Missouri to the Columbia area with a total 2020 attendance of 709,170. Gans Creek Wild Area is a resource of statewide significance and unusual value. Wild Areas are protected for the benefits they provide for solitude and unconfined recreation as well as for environmental education and as important reservoirs of scientific information. The area features Gans Creek, flowing between high bluffs and nurturing rare plants. The creek is one of forty-four Outstanding State Resource Waters, with significant aesthetic, recreational, or scientific value, that have been designated outstanding by the Missouri Clean Water Commission.

Kevin Roberson, Friends of Rock Bridge State Park, wrote a commentary for Columbia Daily Tribune end of April outlying their position around the issue :  https://www.columbiatribune.com/story/opinion/columns/guest/2021/04/27/commentary-stand-up-gans-wild-area/7382961002/

If you have any questions please reach out to me off list.

Mary Nemecek
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