I returned to Swan Lake today to try and get a better look at the Sandhill Cranes I saw yesterday. Couldn't tell from a distance if they were all adults. Could not relocate them today, but determined the five white birds I had seen at the north side of the marsh were American Avocets. While watching them a single dark Ibis flew in. Lots of Teal, some wood Ducks and Shovelers were present. Quite few Lesser Yellowlegs, some Pectoral Sandpipers, and Wilson's Snipe as well. The number of Pelicans had increased to at least a thousand, but around 10 a.m. most of them flew off, mostly towards the SW. Some were returning before I left. 
The number of Turkey Vultures at the fish kill sight had also increased to around seventy five, plus half a dozen Eagles.

Steve Kinder
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