Today, 10 of us had the privilege of taking a 2 hour boat ride on the
Missouri River with Missouri River Relief, a non-profit organization that
often does clean-ups of the river - but we didn't have to do any work, just
the pleasure and relaxation of being on the river.

We did a wet landing on California Island which is a barren, large sandbar
just upstream from Eagle Bluffs Conservation Area.  As we walked around the
"island" we were absolutely delighted to see a Piping Plover, a breeding
plumage Ruddy Turnstone, a transition plumage Sanderling, several Least and
Spotted Sandpipers and a Killdeer.  I couldn't help but imagine that in the
past century (before channelization) this sandbar might have been full of
nesting terns and plovers.

Great day with cooler weather.  Many thanks to Missouri River Relief.

Jean Leonatti
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