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An incident of an unauthorized birder at the Beef Farm trying to trap the Ferruginous Hawk to put a radio transmitter on it is being discussed.
I've run down the back story and am sharing it here to quell the rumor that it was a birder acting unlawfully.

1.  A Cornell University graduate student, equipped with the proper federal and MDC permits, was indeed on the Beef Farm property (accompanied by a Missouri Bird Records Committee member) with the purpose of trapping--not the Ferruginous, but Krider's and Harlan's Red-tailed Hawks--as part of a research project.

2.  The executive director of field operations for the University farm properties was notified in advance that this activity would take place, and approved it.  This information may not have filtered down to all employees at the Beef Farm.

3.  The regulations state that the MDC agent need not be notified of the activity if the trapping attempt is not on MDC land.  So, although MDC had issued the permit, the local agent was not necessarily aware that trapping was being attempted in Boone County.

4.  The researcher did not have a permit to trap Ferruginous Hawks, and no attempt was made to do so.  The attempts to trap the Red-tailed Hawks failed.

5.  Additional attempts were made to trap Krider's Hawk in other central Missouri locales.  All attempts to date have failed.

Edge Wade
Columbia, MO
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