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We inspected our Bluebird house today, and it was not good. There were three dead birds in the box. I am afraid they succumbed to the cold last week. We also have little food available, due to no cedar berries this year.
I also found a dead American Robin in the neighborhood. It was extremely lightweight and my fingers sunk into the breast area... Nothing there.
Has anyone else found dead birds?

Our Bluebird pair had a banner year last year, nesting three times, producing 15 young. During the final nesting, the female disappeared (predated by our local Broadwinged Hawk?). However the male was a great dad and fed the five nestlings through fledging and beyond. We saw the entire group several weeks later. We have seen several Bluebirds off and on all winter. We hadn't seen them since the bitter cold. I had hoped they traveled to some better habitat (hopefully to a nearby springfed creek). Maybe some did and have survived.
Our neighborhood typically has many nesting Bluebirds. It will be interesting to see how it goes this spring.

Linda Frederick
Rolla, MO

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