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A few observations from my backyard ...
usual suspects and ....
- Overall bird numbers today down about 1/2 .
- The 25 E. Bluebirds yesterday were down to about 7 individuals today.
- Sitting on the Bluebirds favorite no-waste seed feeder was a N.
Mockingbird feeding.   Actively fended off Bluebirds
-  Had a Turkey vulture and Red-shouldered Hawk fly by..
- One female Purple Finch (1st yr?)  that hung around but did not feed
(cardinal shy?)
- Where did all the Mourning Doves go?  Only saw one today and none
- Same with  A. Goldfinches, only one!  Plenty of niger and sunflower seed
- Very small number of Dark-eyed Juncos (3),
- A lot of White-Throated sparrows, no Songs, Swamp, or Fox since cold.
- No House finches, usually one or two.  Lots of usual Eurasian Tree
- Three or four Carolina Wrens, and  2 Red-breasted Nuthatches continue but
no White-breasted Nuthatches.
- 2 wintering Robins persist.  Feeding on suet, raisins, and seeds

Of some note this winter - An female Rose-breasted Grosbeak on 1/17-18
- never fed at feeders always perched conspicuously out in the open and
acts lethargic.
- May have left or fallen prey to an aggressive Sharpy that kept moving
through my evergreens at that time.
- Also, the 1st showing of an American Tree sparrow on my backyard list.
Only one, never had em before.  Didn't stay.

BTW - Thanks for all the feeder news folks.  50 years birding and I never
knew Rusties would take small birds.

Keep on birding, it never gets old,
Paul Konarske
Wildwood, St. Louis Co., Mo.

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