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And sideline heaters! All the feeding birds have iced over tails but seem to have no problems. Maybe fender benders.

For those of you wondering how a hearty little Carolina wren attempts to survive, I've a cute pic of a wren hunkered in a partial mud nest built by a phoebe last summer.
A REMARKABLE contortion plus a well chosen inside corner out of the rain. They are so adaptable. Probably even knows the dryer sends hot air into that eave.

My dad had a small wood pile in his garage. One summer a wren pair had young in that wood pile. Since my dad was a creature of habit, they just waited for the garage door to go up.

I have a cute pic of my neighbors mailbox with a hungry brood popping up when the door was pulled open. 

For the longest time I assumed when the wren was first up to the sunflower feeder it was searching for worms and insects. Turns out it also grabs the husked seeds.

email if you'd enjoy the pics

Catherine Paris
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Ozark County

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