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We've just gotten another push of Northern birds down in the boondocks!

Purple finches doubled in number

Pine sisken increased ten fold

And interestingly imm. White crowns now out number adults two to one

If you have snow or ice covered ground, the berry eaters (fugivores) will now be searching the grounds for dropped berries. These include robins, mocking birds, cat birds etc. And, hopefully grosbeaks of either variety. Beware the ground can look bloody from fruit poop. Under our crab tree
In the NE would look like an abattoir.

This is a good time to strew raisins and cranberries on the ground. I would leave some of the cranberries whole for the color but rough chop most. Some under feeder but under trees or bushes as well.

Keep watching, weird jet stream,

Catherine Paris 
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Ozark County 

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