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I received an email from Mary Warren, the gracious host that has allowed multiple viewers to see her flock of Evening Grosbeaks over the last month near Marquand, MO, stating that the number of grosbeaks have been in the decline over the last week, with no sightings in the last two days. She also asked that I reshare her contact information in case anyone wanted to contact her still; email:  [log in to unmask] and landline phone: 573-783-4061. If the grosbeaks return, she will reach out to me and I will notify the list-serve. Her original email, expressing the excitement of hosting her guests (people and grosbeaks), is below. If you are ever looking for something to do once the weather is more pleasant, remember that there is a lot to do and see in that part of the state. 

Tommy Goodwin
MBS - Treasurer
St. Charles, MO 


We have enjoyed over 60 visitors to observe the Evening Grosbeaks since your visit a couple of weeks ago.  In addition, we have had incredible viewings!  The Evening Grosbeak has not disappointed anyone.  It has been an enjoyable, as well as an educational, adventure for us.  Everyone we have met has been extremely appreciative, excited and enjoyable.  I feel many of them will return this summer for hiking, floating and more "birding".  Thank you so much for getting the word out to your birding community.

Unfortunately, the Grosbeaks have exited in the same fashion they arrived.  Our numbers tapered off late last week until only a single female was frequenting the feeder.  It has been two days since we have seen her therefore I think it is safe to say that they have relocated.

Will you please make another post to your birding community regarding this recent change?  You may also inform them that I will contact you with an update if they should return.  Please include my contact information again as I think it has "gotten lost" in the trickle down of information.  

Thanks for the introduction to such a wonderful group of people!

Mary "

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