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My daughter Rose and I returned to McGee CA, just south of Plattsburg, in
Clinton county tonight and met Mike Niles to look for Short-eared owls.  We
were not disappointed as there were at least seven but I think possibly up
to nine individuals.  They were using the burnt area from the previous week
and the areas of surrounding grass that hadn't been burnt.  At the peak
right before dusk, I used my binocs and quickly scanned from north to south
and counted nine but they were flying around pretty good and I can't be
sure I didn't count one or two that had circled up and around?   I just
stayed focused on the horizon of land.  The snow cover really helped in
viewing tonight but it might melt away tomorrow?

We had arrived about 5:00 p.m. and several raptors were active. We had one
mature Bald Eagle, *at least* 7 Red-tailed Hawks, one American Kestrel, and
two Northern Harriers.  We saw a beautiful Rough-legged Hawk with all the
distinct markings.  It was very active and as we kept watching it fly
around the area it eventually flew into a tree with another Rough-legged we had two. We also heard a Great Horned Owl calling just before
we left along with a chorus of Coyotes.

There was definitely a lot of interaction between species as they would
dive or harass each other.  None of them messed with the Bald Eagle
though....  The Short-eared Owls were also calling quite a bit!

Here's the checklist:

A very enjoyable evening!!

Terry L. Miller
Plattsburg, MO
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been made."  Romans 1:20

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