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We traveled up to northern Boone Co to see the blackbird roost that has continued this year. We were not disappointed!
Around 4:50 pm small strands of blackbirds began to stream in from every direction and fill the trees surrounding this field at the end of Dunbar Ln. By 5:15 the trees were full and large streams started to flow into the grass. 
We watched 3 Red-tailed hawks soar with the flocks, sometimes perching.
At 5:20 the trees were completely black as was the field, leading us to understand there were hundreds of thousands of birds coming in to roost. I have no experience with counting such events, but numbers certainly rivaled those of last year when we visited.
The highlight of the evening came right at 5:25 when a flock of 60 Trumpeter Swans came from the north and flew directly over our heads trumpeting the entire time. It was thrilling to see this majestic bird in flight so up close. 
By 5:30, the trees appeared to be cleared of birds and the field appeared black.
It was a lovely way to spend a chilly Saturday night.
Lottie Bushmann
Boone Co.

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