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Early this morning (shortly after 9:30am), I missed the Barrow's at Shelter #9 and began a counterclockwise loop searching around Smithville Lake, stopping everywhere I could see the lake.  Up at W bridge, there were about 350 Common Goldeneye (in three separate flocks) south between the bridge and Sailboat Cove wherein the flock closest the bridge I thought one was a good candidate.  Due to the poor light from the low gray clouds and its proximity was less than ideal, it was hard to be certain, and I decided to keep looking for a better look and/or candidate.  It wasn't until looking at the photos once home that I believe this was another Barrow's (or possibly a BAGO X COGO hybrid, if they even do that).  The bill was smaller and was a dingy orange compared to the other nearby females.

Back at the Visitors Center with about 2.5 hours of daylight left, I decided to give another looksee at Shelter #9.  This time, I began walking west (left) from the shelter and spied the female Barrow's in the mouth of the 2nd cove from the #9 Shelter. It was associating with 4 Common Goldeneye and located between a pod of roosting Am. White Pelicans and a "Shallow Water" Buoy.

Good luck if you go a searching.  The Common Goldeneye are very skittish . . . even from about 100 yards out.

Bird on!!!

Chris Barrigar
Cole Co.
Russellville, MO
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