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Mid afternoon was scoping from the pavilion parking lot and I saw the 
Sandhill Crane across Red School Road with a trumpeter group.  
Immediately went there could not find it.

Later after finding the Western Grebe at the far east end of Ellis Bay I 
scoped south from Riverlands way across the fields for the Sandhill 
Crane, nothing.
I then saw many flocks of Greater White-fronted soaring in. Got my scope 
on some and noticed something weird. Leading one flock "V" of about 30 
birds was a slightly larger bird with long legs and long neck.  It was 
the sandhill!  The geese were actually using the crane to block the 
wind. Every crane turn the V followed very close.   For about 15 minutes 
I keep the scope on the crane group but finally lost it and but followed 
the many groups that eventually spiraled down to the Heron Pond area.

Went to Heron Pond and couldn't find it, then tried Dragon Fly Marsh 
from the pavilion parking lot.  There it was.  Still there at 4:45 when 

Al Smith
St. Louis County

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