Dear Readers,

I hope this email finds you well, safe and supported. I want to extend a special thanks to all of the contributors and peer reviewers who have made the beginning of TRANSIT's editing process a promising one.

With the global pandemic, fraying democracies, and an austere neoliberalism, TRANSIT has made it a goal this year to generate and participate in cooperative scholarship. One of these partnerships is with UC Berkeley's Multicultural German Project, which has recently released a call for submissions entitled "Why German Studies Now?" Please read their recent announcement below for more information.

Call for submissions: Why German Studies Now?

Building on existing synergies in the Department of German at the University of California, Berkeley discussed at a recent workshop based on Annika Orich's recent article "Archival Resistance: Reading the New Right" (German Politics & Society. Summer 2020, Vol. 38, Issue 2: 1-34) and Adorno's 1967 lecture "Aspekte des neuen Rechtsradikalismus," the Multicultural Germany Project (MGP) cordially invites you to submit brief takes responding to the question "Why German Studies Today?"

These short and spiffy takes of approx. 600 words length can be posted as a comment to the Forum page of the Multicultural Germany Project website ( or emailed to [log in to unmask] to ultimately be published on our main Blog.

We would also like to invite you to join us in our critical news digest efforts toward the MGP Chronology, posting links to important news and op-ed articles with source information and a very brief commentary to

Looking forward to collaborating with you all!

Best regards,
Deniz Göktürk, Coordinator
Kumars Salehi, Managing Researcher
Michael Sandberg, Managing Editor, TRANSIT


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