Many birders buy a Duck Stamp as a way to fund wetland conservation projects.  Ninety-eight percent of all funds from Duck Stamp purchases go into Wetland Conservation.  This year Missouri's own Big Muddy NWR will benefit with over half a million dollars of Duck Stamp funding going into the refuge. 

From today's press release:

"The commission also approved nearly $1 million from the Migratory Bird Conservation Fund to conserve 419 acres on national wildlife refuges in three states. These funds were raised largely through the sale of Federal Migratory Bird Hunting and Conservation Stamps, commonly known as “Duck Stamps.”

These funds will be used to purchase or lease waterfowl habitat at the following national wildlife refuges.......

Big Muddy National Fish and Wildlife Refuge in Missouri - $532,000 for 197 acres. The project will protect waterfowl breeding and stopover habitat and provide public opportunities for wildlife-dependent outdoor recreation, including hunting, fishing and wildlife observation and photography, in the urban St. Louis Metropolitan Area."

For today's full press release on wetland conservation funding:$130-million-in-public-private-&_ID=36768

Mary Nemecek

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