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The T.S. Eliot Society of the United Kingdom has a new entry on its
news page:

You can visit the news page for details but here is a synopsis.

TSE (UK) points us to:

   TS Eliot, Good and Evil

   A newly published essay by Jewel Spears Brooker explores "Good
   and Evil in TS Eliot’s Letters to Emily Hale". Professor Brooker
   believes that "areas of overlap between Eliot’s letters to Hale
   and his contemporaneous class lectures are of the essence in
   following his thinking about the nature of evil."

I was not successful in getting to her article but you should be
able to.

Also on the TSEUK website is an item that I didn't feel important
enough to announce earlier as it steers you to something that you
most likely have already read.

   TS Eliot’s poetry by IA Richards republished from 1926

   It is online at the "New Statesman".