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Hi again,

Just as a final follow up.... the frigatebird, which is an adult female, was last seen at 8:58 AM over the Mississippi River in Quincy.  Specifically, the bird looked to be near the railroad bridge over the river (this is north of the two Hwy 24 auto bridges).  At the time of that sighting, we were well to the south and views were still quite poor.  So we drove farther north to try to relocate it a 3rd time but never did.  I suspect it may have continued north from there but can't be sure.

If I were to try to find it again, I'd drive way north, maybe to the IA border, and just hope that somehow it would pass by.... but by this point in time, it's hard to say how far up the river it may have gone.  It moved from Hannibal to Quincy without much trouble and in decent time.

There are a couple of poor-quality photos in my checklist here:

I should add that any frigatebird should be studied carefully and not assumed to be Magnificent.  Yes, of course it seems likely this was due to Hurricane Laura four days ago but still.  After studying this bird in person though, I do believe it is a Magnificent.  My photos aren't great though and them disproving an adult female Lesser would perhaps be difficult to do.

Good birding,

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