I'm not sure how much news about statue removals is getting out to the non-USA world but I'm reporting there is one with an Eliot connection that is coming down.

After the US Civil War a memorial was erected in Washington DC to honor Abraham Lincoln and his emancipation of slaves. This memorial was funded in large part by donations from freed slaves. It depicts a standing Lincoln with his hand over a crouching slave breaking free of his chains. There is a copy in a park in Boston that the city council has voted to take down (Yea! It always made me cringe.) There is still debate going on about the original memorial in Washington. (I think there is a third one somewhere else in Massachusetts but I don't think it is easily viewed by the public.)

You can see a photo of the memorial here:

The slave was modeled after Alexander Archer, a slave who escaped and found help from T.S. Eliot's grandfather, William Greenleaf Eliot. That Eliot wrote a book about Archer. I'll let you use this URL for a Google search to find out the rest of the story. I recommend not visiting any Russian (.ru) websites to download a copy of the book though.

   Rick Parker