Quite right, Nancy! Despite the weirdness of articles being “post-secular,” the contents look interesting, especially Sara Fitzgerald’s piece, if she draws on the Princeton letters.

The Journal of the TS Eliot Society (UK)

  *   Editorial, by our Editor, Dr Scott Freer
  *   Baudelaire and Moréas’s Symbolisme in TS Eliot’s The Waste Land, by Robert Gillespie of Blackhall, OBE
  *   Reconsidering Emily Hale, by Sara Fitzgerald, author of The Poet’s Girl: A Novel of Emily Hale and T.S. Eliot,
  *   ‘Where shall the word be found’: TS. Eliot Nearing the Post-Secular, by Charika Swanepoel,
  *   Book Review: Jeremy Diaper, T.S. Eliot and Organicism, by Scott Freer

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Why dismiss any "theory" in advance?a