> Tim, I think you have made this out to be a bigger problem than it is.

No doubt, Rick! With increasing age, one acts like  “anxious worried women. Lying awake, calculating the future.”
(I’m sure the poet would have said “men” if it fitted the meter.)

>  the IT department may want a contact point with someone in the university to be the host of the TSE list but that person may not even have to have an interest in Eliot. Perhaps you could interest another, younger, faculty member in your department 

Right again! The List runs itself, aside from the moderator handling a few quirks and adding new members or unsubscribing old ones who write directly to the Listowner. Also, handling issues that may emerge, as it did over IT maintaining the TSE archives. But a  faculty member must sponsor the thing. The co-founder of the list, Greg Foster, and Francis Dickey would be excellent listowners, but have no interest in it. As for “younger faculty member[s],” they are interested only in race and gender studies, and if they think about Eliot do so with distaste.

You are nevertheless right to urge me to try harder to find someone here at UM. Maybe I’ll try Greg again, though I’m not sure of his faculty status.  

> And not asking for myself, but a question for Tim: does a university have to be involved?

A business or foundation could host a forum or listserv if they were interested. For ex/ Random House has a “blogger’s forum.” —I think that an unmoderated list is the best choice for TSE.

We have plenty of time to think about this matter, deo volente.