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A few years ago I checked with the Ohio U IT folks about taking over a McLuhan listserv and at that time they were very positive about doing it. Happily Peter Montgomery beat me to the punch. I don't know if it would be the same response from Ohio U today as since then I am retired; and also am among those approaching 80, tho I have a few years of approaching to do. The fact of the pandemic and the economic stress it has engendered might also be a factor in an IT staff's taking or not taking on an "elective" project.

Since Rick mentioned it, I looked up the difference between listservs and forums. An article here            ( ) suggests both are possible. It seems to me the listserv might better serve the open, unmoderated nature of the current listserv; forums appear to be for more tightly controlled, or perhaps just more specialized groups. What do you think, Rick or Tim or et al?

Anyhow, just to say I did, I will check again with the Ohio U staff, but ideally a younger person connected with a university would be better placed for the job should the need arise. And not asking for myself, but a question for Tim: does a university have to be involved?

Ken A

On 7/5/2020 9:59 AM, Rick Parker wrote:
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On Fri, 3 Jul 2020 18:34:24 +0000, Materer, Timothy J. <MatererT@MISSOURIEDU> wrote:
Who could take over the List if I’m not active?

We would need someone with access to a Listserv platform and who could convince the technical staff involved to set up a TSE Listserv and transfer the archives from the U. of Missouri.  We need to give some thought to this issue.
Tim, I think you have made this out to be a bigger problem than it is. The system is handling about 40 lists now with the Listserv software. I have difficulty believing that the IT department is spending much time maintaining the Listserv software and maybe even the system itself. I think the IT department may want a contact point with someone in the university to be the host of the TSE list but that person may not even have to have an interest in Eliot. Perhaps you could interest another, younger, faculty member in your department to set up a list for an interest of theirs and watch over the TSE list too (though they might be more interested in a forum style of interaction; does po support any of those?)

   Rick Parker

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