1) Correction: CR did indeed unsubscribe as of July 1.

2) Thank you Rick for volunteering to pass on interesting Eliot bits to the List. I have just signed up for Google Alerts, so between us we should get good coverage. To avoid duplication, you could wait for my Eliot Dumps to send what you may have seen on the UK Eliot page and your other sources.

I’m nearing 80 and am a heart patient.

The above, which applies precisely to me, provokes me to say something that’s been on my mind as I approach my 80th in the Fall. I’m in good health now, but 80 years leave their mark. —Who could take over the List if I’m not active?

We would need someone with access to a Listserv platform and who could convince the technical staff involved to set up a TSE Listserv and transfer the archives from the U. of Missouri.  We need to give some thought to this issue.