We also stopped by the Least Tern colony on Hwy H near Mertz Rd. in St. Charles County today. 

Location.... 6320–6498 SSR-H, Saint Charles US-MO 38.88938, -90.36244

We had first seen them a few weeks ago and it seemed they were sitting on nests. Maybe 8 or 9 birds were sitting in the weeds on the sandbar. 

We were able to confirm today that some of the nests had newly hatched chicks. They were still yellow little fuzz balls running around the adults and then settling underneath. Our estimate was about 20 birds but there could be more. Some of the adults head out to go fishing in nearby ponds. 

There were also two Black-necked Stilts in the same area. One seemed to be sitting on a nest as well. It's was settling on the ground and fussing around bellow as it settled in.

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