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At Ten Mile Pond CA yesterday, it was a pleasure to see some mudflats after
the area had been under water much of the year from Mississippi River

There among a big bunch of Killdeer were three Greater Yellowlegs. If these
are southbound birds, fall migration season has begun! Over 50 Great Blue
Herons foraged in one pool nearby and were joined by a female Hooded
Merganser and her brood.


Later at a stop at Sand Prairie CA in Scott County, I was not disappointed
to find Lark Sparrows and Grasshopper Sparrows. This is one of the few
Bootheel sites were you can expect to find these species in summer. Just
down the road at Brenda Kay Sand Pit, the Bank Swallows were swarming at
this active sand quarry. This has been a traditional nesting colony site.
The quarry is private land, but easily observed from county roads on two


Mark Haas

Jackson, MO

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