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Sent: Friday June 12 2020 6:38:46PM
Subject: Green Missouri Collective Big Year - Come one, come all!

We would like to once again encourage anyone who wants to contribute
to the Green Missouri Collective Big Year to do so at anytime this
year. Contribute one report, ten reports, a hundred. Got an old report
from earlier in the year that you think is 'green?' Please contribute
There are no rules, except that you consider your birding outing
'green' to you. 
Below are some birds we have not had added to the collective list yet.
If you have one of these species in your backyard, nearby park, field,
or within what seems a green distance to you, we'd love you to
contribute a report on them. 
Here's what we don't have yet for the year: 

1. Dickcissels 2. Bobolinks3. Shorebirds - we only have killdeer,
solitary and spotted sandpiper4. Swan species5. Greater White-fronted
Goose6. Loons7. Most duck species8. Northern Bobwhite9. Most gull and
tern species10. American or Least Bittern11. Sandhill Crane12.
Swainson's Hawk13. Common Gallinule14. Scissor-tailed Flycatcher 15.
Most owls - we only have Barred and Great Horned16. Crested Caracara -
(Just seeing if you are paying attention)17. Lark, Savannnah,
Leconte's, Nelson's, Henslow's, and Grasshopper Sparrows18. Spotted
and many others, but that's a start. :)  

Thanks again,
Andy Reago
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