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My first point was that this individual was a Yard bird.

Second point was that Scissor-tailed Flycatchers are continuing to expand northward and eastward.

Third point was the nature of the habitat. Bottom lands are not the normal area to even begin to think about SCFL occurring, nor fallow fields with extensive areas of shallow flooded fields within those bottomlands ( even if cleared for ag purposes), and during the current breeding season this continuation of solid records indicates the likelihood of successful establishment of a population.

The sighting in Treloar which Carol brought to our attention, is even more significant, by indicating a continual expansion eastward within the Missouri River Valley, again reflecting establishment of populations. 

While I do not have a copy of the Breeding Bird Atlas at my finger tips, I suspect SCFL is not recorded as breeding in several subsequent blocks  in this area, back when the important database of the Atlas project was established and undertaken.

With my first sighting of Scissor-tails in Missouri certainly in the 1970’s or 1960’s (I’d have to look it up), range expansion, adaptability, specific life history or behavioral changes are of significant interest to me, today. 

The isolated trees surrounded by hundreds of acres of cropland may be an adaptation, similar  enough to the original nesting requirements of isolated small trees surrounded by hundreds of acres of native grassland, that SCFL will adapt to human-altered environments better than which we might have expected.

This ecological adaptation which is potentially evolutionary in impact, needs to be pointed out.

The datapoints established by birders through the BB Atlas and the BBSurvey are of great long-term value (Ornithologically speaking) at many levels.

Forgive my late response as I am moving about in various places in the state while producing and filming "A Vision of the Wild”.

This morning I was on private land overlooking the Big Piney in Texas Co.and recorded 28 species singing and most of them getting to one level or another of breeding confirmation. 
Equally as interesting, to me, was that during the previous 36 hours on that property, from the same location, an additional 10 species had been singing.  My surprise came from knowing that on this one morning, over a 4 hour period, those birds had not sung or indicated presence at all. On top of that, at least 5 more species, which were most certainly in that habitat had entered a period in their breeding cycle of maximum secrecy. The annual timing of this quiet period corresponds with successful breeding and feeding of young.

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Timothy Barksdale
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From: Lawrence Herbert <[log in to unmask]>
Subject: Re: Second sighting
Date: June 9, 2020 at 2:44:54 PM CDT

Carol and Tim and MObirders - 
I have observed scissor-tailed flycatchers (STFL)  here in the Joplin, Jasper County, area this
June in several places:
Two were at MSSU, and one each at two cemeteries that I visit.  One also at north Zora Ave., and 
another at a  cemetery 3 miles east of Duquesne and Newman Rd. yesterday.  Two nests have
been observed in the last three seasons.
Oh, and there was one at the mall, 4th & Rangeline, yesterday too! South side.  
Beautiful critters, almost, but not quite, common in Jasper County, IMO, in June.   
Larry, in Joplin.                                                                                                     
Lawrence Herbert   [log in to unmask]                                                                     6-9-20.

On Tue, Jun 9, 2020 at 9:08 AM Carol Thompson <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
There is another Scissor-tailed Flycatcher along 94 just outside Treloar. Seen 5/31 and 6/4. 

Carol Thompson
Foristell, MO

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Subject: Second sighting
Hello all!

While returning from a hike along the KATY Trail today, an adult male Scissor-tailed Flycatcher perched on the utility wires across from my driveway on Hwy 94. This is the second sighting of SCFL in the past 2 years- while I am here.

There was one sighting in early April near Wainwright and another near Tebbetts in late May. Not nearly the numbers of a year ago.



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