This story is too interesting not to post.  Beaches in Hancock and Harrison County, Mississippi on the Gulf are covered in rails from the storm, some of them at least, clapper.  Rehabbers are getting full.

Jane Frazier
Jefferson City.
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I was driving along the beach in Waveland / Hancock County, and two Clapper Rails ran in front of my car. They don't belong running from someone's front yard to the beach!

Then it happened again. And again.

I stopped the car and scanned the wrack line - where I parked, I counted at least 40 Clapper Rails, numerous  chicks, and at least two Common Gallinules. There may have been other species there as well, but I can't be sure. On the beach!

I called Sarah Pacyna at Audubon, and she tells me that the beaches in Hancock and Harrison Counties are COVERED in rails. Rehabbers are at or near capacity. They're not sure where they came from, but obviously this is storm-related.

I am happy to call around and try to place them with rehabbers, but I'll need help rounding up these birds; I've never done this before. If anyone is available in Waveland I would appreciate the help. Please email me if interested/available.

Dena Temple
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