The Neotropic cormorant Peter Kondrashev found at Horseshoe Lake on Monday,
June 8th was still there this morning.  The bird is on private property &
was viewed from Pettet Road.

When driving from east to west on Pettet, an open view to the south starts
after the tree line along the north lake bank ends & the crop field
begins.  From this vantage point, it was perched in a small dead tree in
the line of willows in the water near the south (far) bank of the lake.
The small snag it seems to favor as a perch is about 20-30 yards from the
left end of this "willow line".

Depending on where you park at the west end, the bird is anywhere from
slightly left to slightly right of the Hwy. 59 railroad overpass that is
visible in the distance.  Viewing angle from the road is to the
south-southeast & viewing is more difficult as the morning progresses & the
bird becomes more back lit.   The best light angle would be in the evening
but haze & heat waves could be more of a problem at this time of day.

As it had done on my previous visit, it left the perch to feed, was below
the lake surface more than above while doing so & when it was finished
feeding, it returned to the same perch to preen & rest.  This bird is at
some distance & it will be difficult to see the details without a spotting

When it started feeding, I checked Muskrat Lake a quarter mile to the west
where there were two Caspian terns, a Franklin's gull & 3 white-faced
ibis.  The cattle egrets weren't there on my initial visit but 17 had
returned when I went by later in the morning.

The scissor-tailed flycatchers continue on Hwy. KK off of Hwy. 59 (between
Horseshoe Lake & Rushville).

Tom Nagel
Saint Joe

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