The Brown Thrasher returned earlier this week and I heard it several times, but it was rather secretive.  I did see it yesterday in the tree line, but just briefly.

Today, on a sunny, warm 60F day, it was singing away, high in an oak tree, for quite a while in the back of our yard.  I was able to quietly approach and photograph it from several angles, as it was in a fairly densely-branched area.

It gave me a chance to see how vigorously it sings, and keeps singing, wagging its tail quite a bit.  A beautiful song and a pretty bird.

The Goldfinch are becoming more plentiful at the nyjer feeders and are continuing to change into their breeding plumage, with a few almost fully yellow.  We don’t often get to see birds undergo their color change, so it’s been fun to watch over the last few weeks.

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Next bird expected to return?  The Eastern Towhee.   Dan Getman, Kirksville, northeast MO

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