I agree with David.  This needs to remain a place where we can ALL feel
that we are not being attacked (or lectured to).

We are intelligent individuals in this group, and we can make our own
decisions based on our needs and circumstances. If someone wants to drive 5
miles down a country road to a wetland area (where there is little to no
traffic), that certainly is appropriate. Perhaps driving 8 hours to chase a
rarity is not as appropriate. Mental health at this point in time is as
important as physical well-being.

The health professionals have recommended (on more than one site) that
fresh air and outdoor exercise is good for the body (as well as the mind).
There is scientific research that says that continual enclosed breathing of
recirculated air (in a home) can be detrimental to one's health.

Please be kind--there is enough hate flying around in the world right now
in our media and political arena, and this should be a safe haven for the

Debbie Nichols
Adair County
Kirksville, MO


On Sun, Apr 5, 2020 at 9:00 AM David Becher <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

> I have not be able to find the actual text of the Missouri Stay at Home
> order so far.  As far as I can determine based on the reports in the news,
> outdoor exercise (with social distancing) is considered an essential
> activity.  On that basis, bird watching as exercise would be permitted.
> Whether it is a good idea is another question altogether.  I certainly
> would avoid any places with large numbers of people.  I have not decided
> what I am going to do.  It depends at least in part on how long this goes
> on.  I do need to get some exercise (doctor’s orders) sooner or later.
> Everyone is entitled to make their own decisions within the law and
> personal attacks on other people are not acceptable.  However, holier than
> thou preaching is not acceptable either, so  let everyone we civil and let
> us try to get through this together.
> David Becher
> Saint Louis
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Debbie Nichols

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