Thank you for sharing your recordings Mike. The woodcock peents always make
me smile.  The coyote serenade in the background was wild and
hair-raising.  I have never heard anything like it.

Jennifer Pederson
Kearney, Clay Co, MO

Mark and Jennifer Pederson
405 N Clark St
Kearney, MO  64060

On Mon, Apr 6, 2020 at 6:14 PM Mike Taylor <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

> American Woodcock and Eastern Whip-poor-will are my two favorite birds to
> hear early in the year. The woodcocks begin their courtship displays in
> February, which gets me excited for the spring migration that will soon
> follow. Eastern Whip-poor-wills are, to me, the quintessential summer bird.
> I so enjoy sitting outside on a summer evening, listening to the EWPWs.
> Hearing them in early April builds my anticipation for summer.
> With that, I was recording the courtship display of an AMWO Sunday evening
> when it was audio-bombed by an EWPW. (It's a long recording; the
> whip-poor-will begins at 3:44 with several "pwut" calls before starting the
> classic song.)
> For fun, the AMWO was serenaded earlier by a family of coyotes.
> The full checklist is here. Thanks for listening.
> Mike Taylor
> Bollinger County
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