I spotted our first Purple Martin for the season at 6 PM today, 03/03/2020. at 512 Ellis Blvd. on our Purple Martin house at the front of our parking lot. The PUMA was patiently waiting for me to open up the house. When I lowered the house to open three doors that face our store so I can monitor it with a scope in order to know if there are any House Sparrow problems it soared away only to return in about 5 minutes allowing me to get a photo. It was too dark for a good photo but a good enough photo to ID the PUMA. This is the earliest we have had PUMA show up at this colony. PUMA Photo here https://www.facebook.com/188410781170570/photos/a.190580520953596/3076542279024058/?type=3&theater

Spring is coming soon,
Steve Garr
Jefferson City, Cole County
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