Sometimes I get the feeling that park management can be overly aggressive with their landscaping and rehabilitation efforts.   I saw a note today on ebird saying that a tree favored by birds in Carondelet Park had been cut down.  The great horned owl nesting tree in Tower Grove Park near the caretaker's house has also been cut down.  And, numerous trees have been cut down in Forest Park, including the tree near the fishing pad on Jefferson Lake that was a favored perch for a bald eagle .  In addition, I noticed a week ago that the area east of the cricket fields and northeast of Deer Lake, frequented by woodcock for their late winter/early spring displays, has been significantly disturbed.

I get that there are plans, and that the intentions are good, but how much input has been supplied by the birding community, and how much consideration has there been for transient, migrant, and nocturnal or crepuscular species that may not be obvious to those making the plans?  

Tom Bailey
St. Louis County


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