The bird species' numbers, in many cases, are plummeting.  Green birding is not a new idea, but a green collective state big year might be.  

THE IDEA:  What if, as an alternative to individual state big years, folks engaged in a different kind of Missouri big year.  What if we pooled our local sightings from our patches across the state on eBird under a Green Collective Missouri Big Year category/name?  What if we birded carbon free and collectively?

HOW:  What if we only contributed sightings to the Green Collective Missouri Big Year that we found walking, biking, taking the bus or other type of 'green' travel - no use of a car?  To be a little less restrictive, if you are disabled or hindered in some way I'm not thinking about, what if you contributed sightings where you only drove a car a 5-10 mile radius at most? What if for those who carpooled (4 people per car at the least), their radius could be 15 miles, but limited to two reports a month?  And what if once a month, you could contribute a "special treat" report where you used a car for whatever distance you choose, no limits?  

The ideal would be to generate reports/sightings from carbon-free birding with no car or fossil-fuel use at all, with car-birding minimized.  In the comments on the eBird report, you could note if you walked, biked, bused, drove (if disabled) or carpooled (and how much mileage).  Car-birding (within a 5-15 mile radius) and carpooling sightings would be limited to once a month.  This is all brainstorming. 


This could be collective and cooperative.  We could get excited about what everyone was finding and contributing across the state and how folks were finding innovative ways to bird green and how that was promoting more of a sense of place.  

This could be green - low carbon footprint.

This could mentor a new kind of birding for young folks. 

We could bird where we could walk, run, bike, take a bus, carpool a short distance, drive as a treat.  

We could get to know each other in a new way.  

We could, as a birding community, respond to the climate change emergency in a collective and fun way.

(This could be done on a collective national level, too, if someone wanted to organize that.)  

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