My mother, Jo Ann Eldridge and myself decided to try for the red crossbills today. I emailed Tom Nagle as he had suggested. Tom was there when we arrived about 12:30pm but had not seen the birds yet at that time.  He directed us to the north road and we met there and not much later the crossbills flew into the area. They spent a long time in a big spruce tree, low and very visible. We were treated to long, good looks at them. 
Thank you so very much Tom Nagle for coming out into the cold and directing us to the very spot where they showed up!  The cemetery is full of huge spruce trees loaded with cones, so they have lots of good feeding trees to choose from.
Two other highlights: a beautiful male bluebird perching on a headstone and an adult bald eagle flying low over our heads.
Note:  google maps directed me to the southern entrance. I would stay on Ashland Ave until you see the Ashland Cemetery sign. Turn in and then take your first little road to the right. That is the "north" road of the cemetery where we saw the crossbills. Also, the funeral was today and we met the procession. 
Here is my checklist:

Jennifer Pederson
Kearney, Clay Co., MO

Mark and Jennifer Pederson
405 N Clark St
Kearney, MO  64060

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