Montauk State Park has a hummingbird garden in front of the lodge/store that sometimes has good numbers, if the staff has kept the feeders full. The birds there are nearly oblivious to humans traffic. Numbers at the Onondaga Cave State Park visitor center used to be excellent, but have fallen steeply in recent years. Most parks are not allowed to feed any wildlife, including birds, as a matter of policy.

Lanny Chambers
Fenton, MO

On Feb 7, 2020, at 21:28, Jon Rapp <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

I'd like to get recommendations for good places to see lots of Hummingbirds here in Missouri, this spring or summer.  I'm looking for a place where there are good numbers of Hummingbirds that are not bothered by people being close by, because I plan to shoot lots of pictures.  In the past, I know I've been to some State Parks that had feeders out that attracted large numbers.  What would be some good places to go?

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