Panel on “Central European Refugees and the Aftermath of the Holocaust” (GSA)
October 1-4, 2020
Washington, DC

This panel series will explore the lives of German-speaking refugees from Nazism, paying particular attention to their experiences after the end of the Holocaust in 1945. How did these refugees come to terms with a post-Nazi world? Were they able to return to Europe, did they choose to stay in their adopted homes, or did they live Transatlantic lives? Were they open about their feelings about displacement and if so, how were their thoughts on the refugee experience received by wider audiences? Are there substantive differences in how refugees interpreted their experiences based on issues such as gender, sexual orientation, or social class? Were their differences in the reception refugees received in Germany vs. Austria or other German-speaking territories? Papers may address any aspect of experiences of refugees from Nazism after 1945.


Papers on this panel could address, but are not limited, to the following topics:


·         Comparisons of the experiences of child refugees with those of refugees displaced as adults

·         Refugee responses to the Cold War

·         Changing receptions of refugees in Central Europe with the passage of time

·         Anger vs. forgiveness in refugee narratives

·         Different approaches to integration of refugees in various adoptive countries

·         Contrasts between Jewish & non-Jewish refugees


Please send inquiries and proposals by February 10, 2020 to:

Laura Detre [log in to unmask]

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