Yup, “old TSE” as you say Pete. 


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Sorry, last one sent in error before proper completion: meant to say that an interview with  Frances Dickey was broadcast on UK radio Five Live late last night. From memory, ( it was early hours of morning so it’s dimmer than usual) Frances said she'd only been able to scratch the surface of the stacks and stacks available but outlined the circumstances and chronology of the relationship via some of the letters, mentioning that Emily had grown fond of TSE from a cool beginning until things became mutually very loving indeed by about the 1930s going by some of Eliot's ardent letters (Emily’s to Eliot of course not surviving.) And  that some letters Frances had already read provided unequivocal proof  that Emily had definitely  been the Waste Land’s Hyacinth Girl and the inspiration for ‘Burnt Norton’.....

Sorry I was half asleep and that’s best I can recall - didn’t even catch at the beginning that it was Frances being interviewed or I’d have tried to pay more attention.

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I hope we never again hear from anyone that she should not have expected him to marry her and should have known better.

I have wanted to read these letters for decades, so I'm fascinated at what is there so far, especially that he wrote passionately and at first she held back. How, then, do we think about how he later abandoned her after convincing her? As I can't get to Princeton for a while, I am eager for reports.

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Just reading the Eliot statement.

What do men mean when they tell you “I did not have sex with that woman”.


At least when Billy Clinton did this  it was a lie or a pretty analytic way of talking. A bit like the Hollywood code of one foot on the floor.

Clinton was working from self interest at least.  But old TSE  seems to have thought it a justification . I cant bring myself to consider he had the same punctilious exclusive oscillatory definition of sex as a Democrat.


I’m still a bit shaken by his endorsement of his second wife as a goody because she really loved him. My wife would have said “I’m glad its about you”






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An abstraction 


“Perhaps I could not have been the companion in marriage he hoped ... Perhaps the vision saved both of us from great unhappiness – I cannot ever know.”




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