Dear Nancy,

I don't think it matters what was said in the last time they spoke about it as Eliot was leaving.

And I do because we can never know enough to judge what happened in that situation, though the I agree that the estrangement  was very sad and ought to have been remedied.

I do wish Haffenden had not taken a swipe at anyone who blogs about the letters.

Me too! If Francis, for ex/ was not doing her blog, then there would be more pressure to reveal details from the letters. It’s unimaginable that there would not be disclosures during the years that Haffenden is doing the editing.

Grateful for the link to As some of us know from his visit to St. Louis, he’s a warm humorous person.

One more thing, concerning what FD wrote in her blog about von Moritz rather than Marie Larisch,

Given that the identification of Marie Larisch in the WL MS seems quite solid—specifically correcting a scholarly assumption that the source was her book by saying it was her in-person conversation--isn't is possible that "von Moritz" is not a separate person at all, but a minor error on Eliot's part, "von Moritz" for "von Moennich," Marie Larisch's actual name?

What fun!   Tim