I like her art. I believe that she is the woman who was once active on the List many years ago and for some reason when I first came on the list, some of you thought I was her.

The comments on Pat Sloane sent me to the TSE list archives, where she was indeed like Kate active on the list. When I did access the archives, I was pleased to see that the early archives (Nov. 1995 to March 1996) have finally been restored. 

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Here is an excerpt from Pat’s last post to the list on 10 June 2001 concerning the notion that an editor imposes arbitrary order on edited poems:

By "arbitrary," I didn't mean "arbitrated." I've seen the word mostly in 
things like faculty handbooks and written grievances brought by my union, and 
it's often paired with "capricious." To call an action arbitrary (or 
arbitrary and capricious) essentially means it's an unreasonable 
action that calls for arbitration (or litigation) between the parties. In a 
more informal sense, calling the propositions of a literary commentator 
arbitrary expresses one's own judgment, but also calls on the reader to be 
the judge in a sort of appeals court. One is asking the reader to affirm 
one's own judgment (that the theses of the commentator are arbitrary and 
cannot be sustained).

pat sloane