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What a great morning to be out birding at Audubon Trails Nature Center in Rolla, I arrived a little after 8am and my first stop was the upland wood habitat looking for Hermit Thrush and Brown creepers. (found the thrush) From there I walked down into the remnant prairie looking for sparrows. At first there was not much action. But as I approached the east end of the prairie, I veered off into the wet messic habitat and started to walk in the tall grass toward a large stand of river oats and tickseed sunflower. Before I knew it 50 to 70 or more sparrows flushed out: what a treat. Knowing that they were everywhere around me I just stood there for five minutes of so and then started to pish. By the time I was done I had seven species on the count list including many white throated, a few song, field, swamp and white crowned. But the highlight was a beautiful Lincolns who finally come up out of the thick and just sat for couple of seconds. Those buffy malar cheek patches and buffy breast just glowed in the sun. Sometime the natural beauty of a little Lincolns is all you need to remind you how lucky you are to be a birder. 
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Mike Doyen 
Rolla, MO

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