It's another pleasant November day, I am back at Columbia Wetland Cell #1 where I came a couple days ago. There are three ibises today, and the SCISSOR-TAILED FLYCATCHER is still here. I've looked at some eBird data, and this might be the most out-of-season STFL sighting in Mid-Missouri! This beautiful bird was here again, on the same part of the same fence.

There's literally several dozen snipes scattered out here. I can only imagine how many of these camouflaged birds I've overlooked. I also think there are at least a couple “peep” sandpipers among them—I'm pretty sure my sister photographed a Pectoral Sandpiper, which is another eBird rarity.

One of the resident eagles is out here. 100+ shovelers.

I'm not walking too far, because I want to check out Eagle Bluffs before it gets too dark.

Josh M
Boone County

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