I was birding with my sister at Eagle Bluffs Conservation Area yesterday,
and we noticed dozens of sparrow/lark-sized birds flying together across
the fields of Pool 1. We determined that the group—or at least the vast
majority of them—were *American Pipits*. We believe there were over 100 of
them, which is currently the highest eBird count of them for Boone County.
They were on the Pool 1 side of the first loop road, closer to the junction
with the main road than the flooded area of the pool where egrets and
yellowlegs have often been found lately. Chelsea has some photos that she
may upload later.

Also at EBCA today:

We finally found a couple of *Wilson's Snipes* for the first time this
fall. We saw some regularly in Pool 8 last year, but new vegetation in that
pool is either going to make the habitat less favorable or just make them
harder to see.  I don't know whether it will stay or if it will die and
decompose in winter or be trimmed down.

And more and more ducks—the vast majority of them being several hundred
*Mallards*. Many were scattered along the distribution channel and many
more were concentrated in Pools 5 and 11. Saw a few *Shovelers, Gadwalls,
Pintails,*  and one *Ring-necked Duck* in the roadside stream in western
Pool 5 again.

Josh M
Boone County

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