I was a little surprised to see a female SPTO pop up while working a brushpile at a private wetland north of town. In that brushpile, also were Lincoln's, Song, Swamp, White-crowned, White-throated, and Fox Sparrows, as well as Cardinal and a Red-winged Blackbird. A Marsh Wren chattering near by and a few Tree Swallows over the water and a flock of Pelicans. Fun place! 
  Some of the same Sparrows at Poosey CA, plus Savannah and an Eastern Towhee. Ruby-crowned Kinglet and Orange-crowned Warbler. Flocks of Am Goldfinch all around. 
  Odd pair of an Immature Bald Eagle and a Turkey Vulture working their way south staying together? Then a flurry of activity from same place that turned out to be a Sharp-shinned Hawk and a Merlin having a little scuffle! They quickly parted company however. Interesting they looked almost exactly the same size. Quite different shapes though. 
  Beautiful Fall colors of Native Grasses in field west of Indian Creek Lake. Nice outing with a little less Wind today.

Steve Kinder
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