I am going to be upfront, and apologize right out. I am a rookie birder and I got excited to see ducks at Heron Pond today, I missed the signs that said the trail was closed. Completely missed them and they are huge. I’m so sorry.

But while I was there I got out to about the bridge that goes over the culvert and I saw a Cinnamon Teal back by the grassy area on the left edge of the first pond (as you would look out on Heron Pond from the parking lot off Riverlands Way). Soon after seeing him I was found by the Park Security and then I realized my mistake. I deeply apologize for my mistake but I also wanted to share this sighting for others to potentially see this bird, without breaking the Riverlands’ request to stay off the trail. You can see Heron Pond from the parking lot on Riverlands Way or also from the end of Orton Road (which the Park Officer told me about, I never knew it was there).

Other birds I saw from Orton Road - Northern Pintail, American Wigeon, Gadwall, Ring-necked Duck - all of which were lifers for me (I told you I was a rookie).

So I realize I may get some nasty emails from this but like I said, I hope others can see this bird, while still allowing the migrating birds to rest.

You can see my checklist here:

Kelly Smith

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