Yesterday, there were 10 warbler species documented here. A female Blackburnian was in the mix along with Black-and-white, Black-throated Green, Magnolia, Nashville, Bay-breasted, N. Parula, and Tennessee. There were some multiples of each and birds flying through or foraging that I could not get on to ID. About 2:30 it brightened up and birds came in again to the bubbler. Added a couple Yellow-rumps and one Chestnut-sided.

There has been a large mixed flock in the neighborhood for some time. Last Thursday and Friday were remarkable days with 13 and 12 species respectively. I posted about the numbers and species on my blog post.

Restore native habitat and see "MO" birds!

Good cool birding to all,
Margy Terpstra

Kirkwood, St. Louis CO, MO
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