Dear Writing Intensive Instructor,

This is a reminder that the University Library has an Undergraduate Research Contest<> (prizes:  one $500 scholarship, one $250 scholarship) your students are eligible to enter if they have completed any coursework involving independent research using library resources of any kind (print or online books, journal articles, video content, government documents, rare books, items in Special Collections, and also library guides and subject librarian appointments) in the calendar year 2019.

All a student needs to do is fill out a simple form<>, attach a copy of the paper/other final course product, and a single-page narrative of their research process, including library resources and librarians consulted.  The deadline is January 31, 2020, but I hope you'll share this with your students now because now is when their research experience is still underway and fresh in their mind.  Please encourage them to create a simple document where they take a few brief notes on their research process while it's still underway, in case they decide to enter the contest after they turn in that well-researched paper.

Thank you for your time and for encouraging your students to take pride in their research.


Gwen Gray
Chair, Undergraduate Research Contest Committee