Just in case anyone is interested in Wordsworth’s poetry, either in itself or alongside Eliot’s, they may be interested in the attached  PowerPoint slides of a visit to  the Mecca of Wordsworth Studies - the Wordsworth  Trust at Grasmere, and just a few miles from the University of Cumbria Ambleside Campus where the producer of the slides is undertaking a Masters degree in Romanticism and the English Lake  District: and I am too, as an exceedingly-mature part time student. Having never before personally cared much for Romantic Poetry, I’m trying to study it in some depth in order to understand why such as Wordsworth’s is so enduringly popular. 

But I can’t help constant comparison with a Eliot etc and feeling that Wordsworth etc tended never to use a single line of poetry when twenty or thirty or more lines would do. 

Maybe a comparison between the two genres may be a suitable topic to think about for the Master’s dissertation?  I recall hearing a few years back Prof  Jewel Spears Brooker giving a lecture comparing Eliot and Wordsworth, especially with regard to their use of the dialectic  - eg Wordsworth”s ‘spots of time’ and Eliot’s similar timeless moments etc throughout Four Quartets. Wordsworth seems too to have pioneered a move towards straightforward everyday language in poetry in order to render it intelligible to a far wider part of Society - as of course did such as Eliot, eg re his drama and his interest in the popular dramatic tradition both of Shakespeare and of eg Martin Browne’s Pilgrim Players.

If anyone on the List has any thoughts about all this, would be pleased to hear from them