Dear Mobsters,

After a quick book drop, I decided to once again try to break what for me has been a long standing, vexing nemesis bird.

I think I have stopped at Nash Pond 4-6 times, chased phantom birds at Jefferson Barracks only to have someone else see strange black & white ducklings the following day, etc etc etc.Just keep going back in history.!

Because you are certain to have been holding your breath, ;) - I am pleased to announce that all of us- may resume normal life. This particular jinx has been broken.

Today at 12:07 pm  I pulled into a parking area and immediately noticed a string of ducks along a fallen tree. Sitting with these birds were 4 Little Blue Herons.

22 Black-bellied Whistling Ducks preened, scratched and slept in the heat at the place which is marked on Apple Maps as Creve Coeur Legion Park. 

Still, As the saying and Song goes: "Another one bites the dust.” 

Once again- however- it is abundantly clear that at least for this year- a blind man at midnight should have been able to find a BBWD. So I take no great ownership of this accomplishment - only chalking this one up to perseverance. Swatting at a cloud of mosquitoes- you are bound to hit one….

Nearly 90 birds (BBWD) appear to be in the greater St. Louis area at this time along with multiple records of breeding. This is not restricted to Black-bellied Whistling Duck. Recently our own Wally George found Fulvous Whistling Ducks with young chicks - albeit in Illinois. Still this expansion is nothing short of Staggering. What other southern influences are going to be found as global warming occurs?

There were at least 3 Swallow-tailed Kites in or near Missouri also. These majestic birds once bred in the state. Can we even think that this could recur in our lifetimes? As a young boy, reading writers of the mid 1900’s, they were often reflecting on what devastation had occurred during their lives. So, it is encouraging that during my life, some balance seems to be restored, while new even more potentially severe challenges to all of our future- are becoming more and more obvious.

Quack On!!


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