Reggie Swartzentruber and I both arrived at 7am. We are almost certain on the adult California Gull. We saw a red spot on the yellow bill, yellow legs, gray secondaries on the underwing, dark eyes, and more. Size is larger than Ring-billed Gull but smaller than a Herring Gull would be. The mantle is a little darker too, and the darker head has the look of a nonbreeding CAGU, of which I’ve only seen photos and illustrations. Trying to get more documentary photos now.

There are also at least one adult Laughing Gull and four Common Tern (along with Forster’s Tern and one Caspian). Ring-billed Gulls number at least 2000.

Scope from below the west end of the dam AND also enter Shawnee Bend Public Use Area and scope the beach below the open parking lot. The very probable CAGU was seen at distance in both locations, with the roost.

Good birding everyone,

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Rick Hostetler had a Cave Swallow this morning at School-Osage. I’ll find out where. Then Rick, Zane, Jody, and Scott report a California and Laughing Gulls at Truman Dam.

Lisa Berger
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